Infinity oil mist filters set to make an impact at IMTEX in India

UK manufactured Infinity oil mist filters will be on show on two stands at IMTEX 2019 in Bangalore, India, this week.

Infinity’s Pune distributor Air Pel Technic (hall 5, stall L102) and Bangalore based U-Tech Associates (hall 3A, stall E101) are both including Infinity filters in the product ranges on display at IMTEX.

“Effective oil mist extraction is vital in all workshops that undertake metalworking operations which generate oil and coolant mist,” says Infinity’s National Business Development Manager Ashutosh Arora.

“Exposure to oil mist can be extremely harmful to workers’ health and if left in the air it can be a slip and

“The compact range of Infinity oil mist filters can be fitted directly to machine tools, or mounted on brackets meaning they do not take up any floor space. They are specifically designed to offer cost effective oil mist removal, they are easy to install and maintain, and they benefit from low power consumption.”

Air quality is high on the Indian Government’s agenda - a revised National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) strategy was launched last week which includes specific information on sectorial interventions. Reducing industrial emissions is one of the focus areas, whilst another is Indoor Air Pollution Management.

“Manufacturing operatives spend a significant amount of time inside their places of work,” continues Ashutosh. “Air contaminated with oil mist can cause a wide range of respiratory diseases including extrinsic allergic alveolitis, occupational asthma and COPD. Under The Factories Act, 1948, employers in manufacturing companies have a responsibility to minimise their employees’ exposure to harmful airborne particles.

“Fitting Infinity oil mist filters on all machine tools helps to significantly reduce the amount of airborne pollution in factory environments.”

Organised by the IMTMA (Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association), IMTEX is the largest show of its kind in India and is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year having first taken place in 1969. The 2017 show welcomed 75,440 visitors from 23 countries – find out more show statistics on the IMTEX website.

If you would like to discuss how Infinity oil mist filters can help eliminate oil mist in your production facility, please call Ashutosh Arora on +91-99100 57521.

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