Air Pel to show Infinity at AMTEX 2018

We are pleased to announce that Air Pel Technic, one of our official distributors, will be showcasing Infinity oil mist filters at the forthcoming AMTEX show taking place in New Delhi from 6th-9th July.

Air Pel added Infinity filters to its product portfolio at the end of 2017 so AMTEX will be the first time the company has showed the new product range at an exhibition.

Ashutosh Arora, Infinity’s Business Development Manager, comments, “Air Pel has made a good start to sales in 2018. Taking part in AMTEX will offer an opportunity for Mr Vaidya and the Air Pel team to introduce Infinity to a large number of potential customers. AMTEX 2016 welcomed over 38,000 visitors and we are confident that the 2018 show will be equally successful.”

Air quality is very high on the national agenda in India and the Government has introduced a range of measures to combat pollution, including the ‘National Clean Air Programme’ (NCAP). Ensuring the air inside manufacturing facilities is clean and safe to breathe is just as important as making sure the quality of the air outside is good.

The Factories Act 1948 states that:

‘In every factory in which, by reason of the manufacturing process carried on, there is given off any dust or fume or other impurity of such a nature and to such an extent as is likely to be injurious or offensive to the workers employed therein, or any dust in substantial quantities, effective measures shall be taken to prevent its inhalation and accumulation in any workroom, and if any exhaust appliance is necessary for this purpose, it shall be applied as near as possible to the point of origin of the dust, fume or other impurity, and such point shall be enclosed so far as possible.’

“The average worker breathes in and out around 7680 times during an eight-hour day at work* – this is a lot of breaths of contaminated air if the factory does not have effective extraction,” continues Ashutosh. “Fitting Infinity oil mist filters to all machine tools means employers can be confident that their employees will not be exposed to harmful oil mist particles escaping from the machine tool’s enclosure.”

Find out more by visiting Air Pel in booth C-118, Hall 11 at AMTEX.

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 *based on an average of 16 breaths per minute


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